Why Choose a FURBELOW?

If you're like me, you want the BEST quality for your pup and you'll shop around to find it.  Here's what makes my FURBELOW brand different from other designer fabric collars and leashes on the market and some points to consider when shopping for your pup's collar...

  • All my collars have an inner core of strong heavy-weight nylon (Med & Lrg) or polypropylene webbing (XS & SM) and all my leashes are made with an inner core of heavy-weight nylon webbing
    • Many fabric designer dog collars AND leashes on the market today are made with just stabilizer applied to the fabric (also known as interfacing).  Stabilizer is a light, inexpensive material that is ironed on to the fabric to make it "stiff"...(for reference, think of a man's dress shirt collar...stabilizer is used in the fashion industry to make shirt collars stiff and maintain their shape).  Do you want a man's shirt collar as your pup's collar? Do you think it would be safe?  Could a dog's teeth go through a man's shirt collar and rip it?  Of course they could!  Collars made with stabilizer ARE NOT strong enough to hold up against rough play or tugging.  Think of this for a minute...do the big pet stores carry collars made with just stabilizer?  No they don't and won't as it is not a reliable material for pet collars. (and as we all know, pet stores like their profits pretty large so they would offer this cheap material in pets collars if they could).  You will find nylon or polypropylene collars in pet stores as both are strong materials designed for pet safety and to withstand rough play and tugging.  (Truthfully, I would be scared to walk my dog with a collar and leash made with just fabric and interfacing!)
  • All my collars and hybrid leash handle loops are handcrafted with fabric ALL THE WAY around...the webbing is completely encased by the soft, cotton fabric.  Not only does this extra step look great as the design is on both sides, but it also provides comfort for your pet as they (and you) will only feel soft, cotton fabric.
    • Other dog collars and leashes on the market have fabric on only one side which exposes the webbing to your pup's neck and can be uncomfortable for them as their fur can get pulled and matted between the fibers of the webbing. (not something any of us would like I'm sure!)  In addition, you're losing the "style aspect" as you're only getting a one-sided design.  It makes sense that if you love a design and you're paying for it to be able to see it all the way around!  That's why so many of my customers have told me how they love that my designs are on BOTH sides with no webbing exposed!
    • I use adjusters with rounded corners to provide comfort for your pet
      • Many other dog collar makers use square or rectangle shape adjusters with sharp, pointed corners simply for style.  Well, looks aren't everything if your pup is not comfortable!  How many times have you seen your pup's neck rolls when they turn to look at you or are just curled up taking a nap on the couch?  Those pointy corners would be poking them or other dogs during play! To me, I don't want something pointy poking me and I don't think our pups do either!  (here's photo for reference of their pointy adjusters and my rounded ones)
    • I triple-stitch, box and X-stitch MULTIPLE times at all stress points using a heavy-duty professional sewing machine
      • Honestly, I think I use 4-5 times the amount of thread on my collars and leashes than other collar makers. From my research, the "other guys" use either a simple zig-zag stitch or a straight stitch (no box, no X) and they also stitch OVER the edge of the collar (which is perfect for getting those nails or teeth caught in and ripping away the thread, NOPE not here!)  Why do I use more thread and multiple reinforcements?  Well, it's simple really...our pups LOVE to scratch, roll, and rub against stuff and how well do you think those simple stitches are going to hold up?  Not very well.  It only takes one loose thread and the whole line of stitching is gone which puts your pet's safety at risk!  (have you ever had a loose thread on your clothing that you pulled and WALLAH the whole line of stitching keeps unraveling? That's exactly what I'm referring to here). That's why I use a triple-stitch (each stitch goes forward, backward and forward again reinforcing the previous stitch) and I do this process up to 5 times over at each stress point.  This process takes more time and uses much more thread, but is something I do to keep your pup's collar in the best possible condition and strong.  In addition, I DO NOT stitch over the edge of the collar when securing the hardware as there is much less chance of a nail or tooth getting caught in the stitches.  Last, but not least, the box X-stitch that I do in crafting my collars and leashes is the most widely used sewing pattern for load bearing applications and provides a VERY HIGH LEVEL of strength and stability at stress points.
    • The "elusive" 3/4" width collar...
      • I say "elusive" as I have not found one other maker yet that offers designer fabric dog collars in the 3/4" width! They offer 2 choices of 5/8" or 1" widths (some do offer smaller 3/8" width). The 5/8" width is perfect for the small pups and the 1" is great for the large ones, but what about our medium size pups? Here at FURBELOW, I offer the 3/4" width so our medium sized pups (like my Bella) have a comfortable collar that's "not too narrow, not too wide, but just right"!

    These are just a few reasons why my collars and leashes are different (and yes, may cost a bit more) than others on the market.  I know you want the best for your pup and hopefully the above information has helped you in knowing the differences in fabric dog collars! The quality of my products and more importantly, the comfort and safety of your pet is at the heart of the FURBELOW brand and always will be.  Each one of my products is carefully handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail using only the highest quality materials for durable and lasting wear.   If you have any questions in selecting the right collar for your pup, please don't be shy...contact me anytime!

    Happy Shopping!  :)