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We believe in the power of locally made goods. The quality of the craftsmanship along with the comfort and safety of your pet is at the heart of the FURBELOW brand.

Hello and Welcome! I'm Lisa, owner and the crafter behind FURBELOW Canine Designs. Bella, my adopted Beagle/Basenji mix is the inspiration behind the FURBELOW brand and her silhouette graces our logo. The word "FURBELOW" literally means to "adorn with trimmings" and as the pup's "fur" is "below" the collar, I thought it a fitting name for my canine designs business. (not to mention is has FUR in it! :)  I have a true love and passion for our furry family members and all that they give us unconditionally...there is nothing quite like a dog that can bring such happiness and love into our lives as they indeed leave paw prints on our hearts.

Your pet's comfort, safety and style is at the heart of the FURBELOW brand.  As a small business, I am dedicated to creating high quality and practical pet products for everyday need and each piece is created with love. I believe that our pets are a wonderful source of unconditional love and companionship and capture our hearts as important members of our family.  My handcrafted dog collars, leashes and accessories bring together the finest materials and stunning designs to create something very special for you and your beloved pet. I believe in quality, care, and creating unique products that everyone can enjoy. 

My business started in August 2017 with a simple sewing machine on my dining room table when I made a pretty pink collar and leash for my Bella to replace an old worn out collar.  I fell in love with crafting collars so much, I made many more collars and leashes for my Bella and friends and family members. In our day to day lives of going here and there, Bella and I received so many wonderful comments about her "fancy" collar and leash.  The custom orders started coming in as others wanted unique dog collars and leashes for their furry family members. My dining room transformed into my "studio" as I was crafting custom collars and leashes on a daily basis. I studied how to perfect my craft...I researched and purchased many, MANY, MANY different materials from webbing to buckles in order to find the highest quality to offer my customers. What started out as a hobby (and addiction), quickly grew into a full-time business!  I am still always learning and growing and I am grateful everyday for being able to provide for my family by doing something I love! 

In December 2017, I started my Etsy shop with 1 product and made my first sale in mid-January of 2018.  Soon, I had many wonderful customers on Etsy and in a little over a year, I received over 1000 orders and over 200 five star reviews! ( In July 2019, I made the decision to put my Etsy shop on break due to Etsy's many policy changes and seller limitations and to focus on promoting my brand through my website).

So much has happened since August 2017!  My product line has grown to over 100 unique designer styles and products, my simple sewing machine has been replaced with a professional, heavy duty sewing machine, my dining room "studio" moved to our living room as I needed more space and we are currently working on adding an addition to our home for my professional studio.   I am truly humbled and honored that in just a short time, my stylish and long-lasting designs have won a following for pet owners who want designer style and comfort for their beloved pets with the quality and care of a handcrafted product.

It is my goal that you have an excellent buying experience whenever and wherever you purchase my products.  I believe that everything is "in the details", so from the quality of my products to customer service, I want you to know that you and your furry family members are special to me.  You have many choices when it comes to the products you choose for your pet and I feel truly honored that my products can play a small part in the special relationship you have with your beloved pet.

Thank you for getting to know about the FURBELOW brand and visiting my online shop today.  I hope you find one of my designs perfect for your furry family member and if you have any questions or comments, please reach out to me without hesitation.

Warm Wishes,

Lisa & Bella 💜

FURBELOW Canine Designs


FURBELOW Canine Designs is U.S. based business located in Woodville, Ohio.